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One of the skills we use every day in the production of our graphics and imagery is that of Photo Retouching (or digital image manipulation), commonly known as "Photoshopping" after the popular software package.

In all the examples below the original is shown first - roll over to see the transformation. We can also provide this as a supplementary service even if you are not having any design work done.

Ordering is simple - all you have to do is email or post the images that you wish to have modified to along with a description of the work you would like to have carried out. If posted we will charge for scanning the original.We will then email a watermarked proof of the retouched image and if you are happy with the work we can take payment by PayPal and return your originals and the watermark-free images. SIGGA Design Ltd. can accept no responsibility for loss or damaged photos due to posting.



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This image demonstrates a simple text retouch of an old padlock.

It was used on the cover of the last programme for the Scarlets at Stradey Park.

Roll over the image to see the changes made.

graphic design wales

Old Photographs

photoretouch old photographs


We can also effectively restore damaged photographs - old or new, digitally repairing tears, folds or removing scratches or stains. Roll over the image to see the enhancements made.


graphic design wales

La Baguette du Jour

photoretouch image

This image was retouched to save an expensive photography re-shoot when the company's brand colours were changed. We modified the van colours and also tidied up the backgtround paving and brickwork. We then dropped in a personalised number plate.


graphic design wales


retouch image swansea

Facial retouching or cosmetic enhancement can be as simple as the removal of blemishe or brightening of teeth and eyes, to removing unsightly shadows or elements that spoil the overall look of an image.


graphic design wales
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