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We design, organise and supply a range of exhibition stands using the popular curved wall type modules or pull-up banner stands. We now offer a free-standing outdoor banner systems as well.

We also provide a signage and window graphics design service. This includes exterior sign design, window poster holders, adhered window graphics nameplates and interior signage in a wide variety of materials manufactured and fitted by one of our trusted partner companies and overseen by us.


TFP Schemes

exhibition stand design wales

A three panel curved wall stand and podium conversion kit was supplied as part of a comprehensive re-branding exercise for this fast growing insurance company.

A variety of multi coloured montages have been produced across their range of products to show the eclectic nature of the cover offered.


Swansea Building Society

exhibition stand design swansea

A four panel curved wall stand has an imposing presence at exhibition or as a presentation backdrop.

Allied with a podium conversion kit to turn the carry case into a stylish, branded lectern, this is a great solution to a number of requirements. The stand design ties in with the Society's brand strategy for brochures, leaflets and website.


graphic design wales


pull up banner design


These 800mm wide pull-up stands were designed for Peterevans utilising the multi layer photomontage developed for their product marketing.

A banner stand design such as this makes an instant impact on the target audience and the pair can be erected from the supplied carry case in a matter of minutes. Banner stands can be supplied in either 1m or 800mm width x 2.2m height.


Evans Cooling

banner stand design swansea


These 1m wide pull-up stands were designed for the company to reflect the imagery developed for their website and brochure.

A banner stand design can be erected from the supplied carry case in a matter of minutes and have an instant impact. Pull-up stands can be supplied in either 1m or 800mm width x 2.2m height. We can provide "gold", "silver" or "bronze" standard units to suit all budgets.


graphic design wales

The Ospreys

graphic panel design

This set of fourteen double sided banners were designed for the Ospreys to help inspire the players and intimidate the opposition as they walked through the tunnel onto the pitch. They are printed on a heavy polycotton and hung from tension wires fitted at ceiling level across the tunnel. Each panel features a montage of the previous season's most valuable players. (3D mockup shown)



pull up banner stand design

This set of four, metre wide pull-up banners were designed for the Learning Practitioners' Associations new brand launch. These accompanied the logos and A4 flyer set we designed and also the brochure/prospectus produced for the organisation as part of its ongoing re-branding exercise.


graphic design wales


Exhibition Stand Design Wales

A four panel curved wall stand to be used in conjunction with the company's water dispensing machine at a variety of trade exhibitions.

The stand makes strong use of the 3D model developed for the dispensing machine and has also been emulated in the related website.


MWW Fire Service

Exhibition Stand Design Swansea

This four panel curved wall stand was designed as a backdrop for the Fire Service's media briefings and press conferences.

This type of exhibition stand has instant presence in a room and the rather austere graphics relying on one powerful image and a strong corporate colour convey an air of confidence in the service.


graphic design wales

Swansea Building Society Signage

sign design swansea

We have recently completed the interior and exterior signage design for Swansea Building Society's branches in Swansea, Mumbles and Carmarthen. The project included illuminated signage above the branch frontage, projecting signs and window graphics. We also provided interior department designs, name blocks, window graphics and poster holders. Etched stainless steel address plates completed the look.


Parc y Scarlets Signage

sign design wales

As part of the branding of the Scarlets Rugby Region we designed the signage for their stadium home, Parc y Scarlets. By far the largest sign we have worked on, it can be seen for miles around.

graphic design wales
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